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  • David Gulbransen

In a Nutshell

Boutique outfits urban-dwellers with stylish apparel geared to withstand weather & impress at the office.

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  • Illinois Bar in Good Standing
  • Broad Technology and Legal Experience
  • Management Experience
  • Autonomous and 'Thinks Outside the Box'

What do you call 100 lawyer resumes at the bottom of your trash can? The applicants rejected for the Associate Counsel position once this deal came along! Have you been looking for an Associate Counsel to negotiate and draft commercial agreements? Attorney David Gulbransen has the drafting skills and the personal motivation to help develop contract templates for your company's various divisions and to review marketing and advertising materials, too. Do you need assistance creating internal record-keeping and tracking processes? You found it.

David Gulbransen has over a decade of experience in technology, including strategic planning and change management. He also has several years of commercial transactional legal experience under his belt. David Gulbransen will work effectively with members at various levels of your organization with a strong sense of humor and willingness to be a member of the team.

David Gulbransen has also published several technology related books, demonstrating the ability to work autonomously and within a deadline structure and the ability to communicate with a broad range of clients, from expert to novice alike.

If you're seeking a dedicated, creative and talented Associate Counsel, then look no further. How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? If that lawyer is David Gulbransen, just one.

Gulbransen Says

The Gulbransen Guide to: Me!

Most people are blissfully unaware of some key facts about me, David Gulbransen. But with a little help, you can get to know me just as well as my Twitter followers. Did you know that I:

  • Love Old English Sheepdogs
  • Have ridden a motorcycle to the Sturgis Rally
  • Love cheese
  • Am addicted to Diet Coke
  • Love to Travel
  • Don't care much for strawberries
  • Made Law Review
  • Have written five published books and edited many others

David Gulbransen